Simple solutions devised in collaboration with aviation professionals.

Aircraft de-icing management app

GS De-icing is the answer to aircraft de-icing problems. It allows the user to manage teams, road transportation and de-icing fluids, to assign tasks to the teams as well as to consult operational reports sorted by season, month, date, company or team.

De-icing professionals have always encountered the same difficulties:

  • Unreadable sheets,
  • Missing information,
  • Inconsistent product quantity,
  • Invoicing issues with airlines companies,

Granted, computerised solutions exist, but they are generally geared towards big infrastructures making numerous daily operations.

It is now over! In partnership with a professional having worked for 25 years in this field, we have developed a simple and efficient solution : GS De-icing.

It can do anything:

  • Reports,
  • Dispatching,
  • Truck tracking,
  • Operators, drivers and coordinators monitoring.

The interface is divided into two portions, which are accessible from any kind of web-browser supporting machine.

The first part displays all the daily flights and allows :

  • To organise de-icing sequences,
  • To send de-icing teams to an aircraft,
  • To follow all the operations in real-time (what has started, what is pending)
  • Know the volume of fluid that is available in the trucks.

The second part is dedicated to the driver, who receives information on their tablet about:

  • The aircraft’s registration number
  • Its position
  • Its departure time
  • The current temperature
  • The parts that need tending to
  • HOT slots according to real time weather data

The driver has to indicate:

  • The amount of litters consumed
  • The contamination type encountered on the wing
  • The starting and finishing times (using the “start” and “stop” buttons)

All this information is saved in a database which can be used to produce a variety of reports.
It is no longer necessary to wait until the end of the season to know the de-icing status: average consumption per aircraft, company, weather conditions… All of this is available in 2 clicks!

The operator and driver’s identity inputs also contribute to a better agent tracking. This is the purpose of the "Hit parade", useful to balance the staff and enhance their skills according to their qualifications. No labyrinthine system here, only the bare essentials! The interface is kept simple, as when it comes to de-icing, every second counts.

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Dispatching tool

Effective calculation by tasks and automated task repartition according to planes arrivals and departures.

Via the season calendar of your companies, this tool provides a way to know which resources are necessary for your activity thanks to :

  • optimization algorithms
  • That system is linked to the source file of the airport, allowing real time data tracking (arrivals, departures).
  • The system recalculates constantly the best way to dispatch your teams.
  • The ground teams receive flight information on their tablet. Once they’ve began to work, the system finds the best task for the next team to do and so on.
  • This system is optimal for non-dispatching operations such as drinkable water refilling, toilets drainage or plane cleaning; in short, for operations that aren’t directly linked to the rotation times.

We have also developed custom-made tools to facilitate the operations.
Our tools are not "HR" but are directly dedicated to the airport operations.

Training management

Possibility to keep track of the agents’ qualifications, including:

  • Patenting
  • End of qualification warnings
  • Training rooms management
  • Sessions creation

  • Database: small equipment distribution via barcode with direct link to the agent.
  • Encoding of requests is made with a smartphone app and is managed by a web app which allows to manage the stocks and analyse reports.

We also create other custom-made tools. Our team consists of 5 computer scientists working in various fields. Our company exists since 1999 and provides all necessary guarantees to your developments.
We lately integrated the new GDPR rules in our activity.
Flight data are sensitive information and we are delighted that this new law helps to protect our clients’ personal data.
All our tools are hosted on synchronised servers in two different data-centres. Therefore, data loss is nearly impossible.